Côte de Nuits - Grand Cru

Reference: 32539
Year: 2016
Volume: 0.750l
Bottling: Maison Roche de Bellene
Level: Neck
Label: GL
Packing: Oc 6
Color: Red
Parker Rating: ? Parker Points
€ 225.00
Price incl. VAT:
€ 272.25
Available: 9
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Neal Martin 12/2017 on

The 2016 Chambertin Grand Cru was almost (but not quite) as reduced as the Mazis-Chambertin. The palate has good substance and acidity although it too was showing too much reduction for me to really assess the quality. But the component parts are in place and racking will address the reduction by the time this is bottled.

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  • SbsSlightly bin soiled

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