St Julien 4 Ième Grand Cru Classé

Reference: 38589
Year: 1974
Volume: 0.750l
Bottling: Mc
Level: Vts/Bn
Label: Vsbs/Sbs
Color: Red
Parker Rating: 82 Parker Points
€ 50.00
Price incl. VAT:
€ 60.50
Available: 16
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Parker Rating: 82 Parker Points, by on 01/1998

One of the very best St.-Juliens produced in this poor vintage, the 1974 Branaire is now fully mature, and quite good. A complex bouquet of spicy oak, flowers, and ripe black currant fruit has the depth of a much better vintage. Medium bodied, with good fruit, and just a trace of brown at the edge, this is a noteworthy success for the vintage. Drink up! Anticipated maturity: Now-may be in decline. Last tasted, 3/80.

(© Robert M. Parker, Jr., Robert Parker Wine Advocate)

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