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Choose from our selection of Rioja wine from the Spanish region of the same name La Rioja, on the banks of the Ebro. Rioja (DOCa) is Spain's most prestigious wine-producing region. Rioja, Rioja Crianza, Rioja Reserva & Rioja Gran Reserva. Delivery is also possible with gift packaging.

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  • 2004 CIRSION  (Rioja)

    2004 CIRSION

    D.O - Rioja Alta
    Volume: 0.750l
    Bottling: Bodegas Roda
    Available: 2
    Price excl. VAT: 145.00 EUR
    Price incl. VAT: 175.45 EUR
    € 145.00
  • 2003 CONTADOR  (Rioja)

    2003 CONTADOR

    Rioja DOCa,
    Volume: 1.500l
    Bottling: Benjamin Romeo
    Available: 1
    Price excl. VAT: 615.00 EUR
    Price incl. VAT: 744.15 EUR
    € 615.00
  • 1994 VINA EL PISON  (Rioja)

    1994 VINA EL PISON

    DOC - Rioja
    Volume: 0.750l
    Bottling: Artadi
    Available: 1
    Price excl. VAT: 220.00 EUR
    Price incl. VAT: 266.20 EUR
    € 220.00
  • 2005 VINA EL PISON  (Rioja)

    2005 VINA EL PISON

    DOC - Rioja
    Volume: 0.750l
    Bottling: Artadi
    Available: 5
    Price excl. VAT: 230.00 EUR
    Price incl. VAT: 278.30 EUR
    € 230.00

More about Rioja (DOCa): Rioja is a wine-producing region - in 1991 it became the first to be protected by the designation of origin label DOCa - in the north of Spain (in the "comunidad autónoma" La Rioja). The region is fairly small and grapes are also used from the more northerly regions such as Navarre and the Basque Country. Rioja is divided into Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alavesa. A specific traditional characteristic of Rioja wine is its maturing in oak barrels (even though this is less common today). Rioja wine is subdivided into 'Rioja' (the youngest), Rioja Crianza (matured for at least two years, one of which in oak barrels), Rioja Reserva (matured for at least three years, one of which in oak barrels) and Rioja Gran Reserva (matured for at least two years in oak barrels and three after being bottled). The influence of French wine producers from Bordeaux is still very present in this region. The most popular grape used for red wine (vino tinto) is of course Tempranillo. Other grapes that are often used for vino tinto are Garnacha Tinta, Graciano, and Mazuelo. Just as in Bordeaux, wine is often made from several grape varieties, with the emphasis on Tempranillo. For White Rioja (Rioja Blanco) Macabeo (Viura) is the dominant grape, often mixed with Malvasia or Garnacha Blanca. More info about Rioja DOCa on the official website.

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