1978 Batard Montrachet - Bernard de St Honge

| BATARD MONTRACHET | 1978 | Bernard de St Honge

1978 Batard Montrachet by Bernard de St Honge.

Perhaps not the greatest producer nor the best of the Montrachet  parcels, but as it turned out, still surprisingly well made. The cork of this wine had already descended a couple cm down into the neck of was barely hanging on to the sides by its fingertips, what made it impossible to transport and couldn just dropped down into the wine at the slightest touch. In the glass it showed a color more associated with a sweet wine : deep yellow, like an old gold nugget, with a bit of orange  in the outer rim. The aroma of a dessert wine rather than a dry Burgundy : yellow fruit and dried apricots, orange zest and sweet overripe apple. Under all that luckily more typical and noble smells, lovely woody and even  resiny character and delicate nutty aroma. The taste at first was incredibly acidic, and though it improved a lot given the necessary time to warm up to the right tasting temperature and opening up to the air, it never quite reached a good equilibrium. As I guessed from the fact that it had no legs at all and no typical fatty or buttery smell or taste, it lacked the body of a great wine, remained somewhat light and sharp in the mid section but with a nice but short nutty finish.

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