"How to Enjoy Drinking Your Champagne "

"How to Enjoy Drinking Your Champagne "

A few tips to get you started



1. Start selecting your favorite Producer


Belgium Wine Watchers
can assist and support you in choosing your bottle of Champagne. We offer many top Champagne producers.

A few names: Dom perignon - Cristal Roederer - Gosset - Dom Ruinart - Selosse - Lanson - Nicolas Feuillatte - Taittinger - Veuve Clicquot ... check our website for more information.


2. Opening the Bottle

When opening the bottle of your Champagne there are a few things you should do. First, take some safety measures. After you loosen the cage, place one hand over the cork, to prevent it from accidentally popping off.


3. Serve it Chilled

The Champagne should be served chilled. It should be stored in the refrigerator. However, most people make a mistake of chilling it too much. The flavors of the wine will be locked out when you chill it too much. The best way to chill it is to place it in a bucket of ice and add about a third of the water. Let the bottle of Champagne stay in the bucket for approximately 20 minutes.


4. Drink and Eat

You can enjoy drinking your Champagne while you are eating. It can be a dinner, lunch or with a dessert.

5. Sniff It

You should smell your Champagne before sipping it. Smelling the wine will help in enhancing the taste of the Champagne. You will enjoy more as you can feel both the taste and the pleasant smell.














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