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Lee - Republic of Korea
Your business is excellent!!
Charles - United States
D. - Belgium
Katariina - Finland
Thank you for your really good service. I was happy about everything else than delivering company but that is not your fault. They where taking care of their part really badly making me run around the city after the package. Thank you one more time for a excellent product and service!
Patrick - France
It was not clear on you site that fees will be taken for transport. Packaging was quite OK and safe, but DHL was not that good: they gave us a heads up very late before delivery, so theycame home whare nobody was there (as usual), and then they propose a location which was quite unclear to find (no name, and the number in the street was not OK) Yours site looks very good for choice and so on, competitive on price, but 1) transport is not so clear 2) DHL provided a poor service
Our reply:
Thanks for the feed back. We have tried several shippers in the past. They all have their pro and contra's. We will forward this remark to them.
Evan - Germany
Remi - Norway
Samuel - United States
The only aspect that could use improvement is international package tracking. My package clearly showed leaving the store, leaving Belgium, and arriving at US Customs. Then nothing at all for 4 days until it was delivered. I was beginning to wonder if there was a problem clearing customs and was unsure how long to wait.
DAVID - United States
This was my first purchase, I am quite satisfied. I bought a 50 year old wine for a friend's 50th birthday. Though he hasn't tried the wine yet, the rest of the transaction was flawless. Thank you.
Nick - Australia