1979 Carbonnieux Blanc


Poured from a bottle with level upper shoulder and slightly corroded capsule.
With the color still being similar to my grandmothers golden wedding ring I still had hope for this wine even though the fill level was far from optimal and the corrosion was covering some parts of the capsule, a tell tale of a cork reaching the end of its life span. Indeed the cork was
completely saturated, partially broke when trying to pull it out and the bottom cm just shot right back into the bottle, ah well, nothing pouring though a strainer can’t fix.After pouring the wine was crystal clear in the glass, sparkling brightly with the color of
dried haystacks standing in the fields on a hot summer day waiting for collection by the farmer on his old tractor.
This wine still has a lot going for it : on the nose it’s a complex combination of herbal and spicy notes carried by a resiny, woody, oaky odor. Then the remainders of fruit pop  out : pineapple and ripe peach adding to the complexity and with just a hint of white flowers and honey in the
background it’s still behaving remarkably well for its age.
When drinking it, again it’s performing much better then I first would have thought, this is the team of underdog old veteran players outshining the current reigning team. It is still incredibly vivid and juicy, its crisp acidity with the right touch of wood giving it body and great balance. It has a great mouth coating taste and great staying power the volume of a record holding free diver’s lung content. This is a surprisingly great glass of dry white wine a true survivor.

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