1970 Kopke Vintage Port

| Kopke Vintage Port | 1970 | Kopke

1970 Kopke vintage port: This vintage was declared by most of the major houses, so quite a good year and with Kopke not being the least this should be good. With the color the age was already showing : a lighter tea here with an orange hue in the outer edge. After the first alcohol dissipated (in tasting port it’s better not to whirl the wine around like you normally would : this only makes the alcohol evaporate and covers up the nicer aromas you’re looking for) the sweeter smells emerge firstly, grapes and raisins combined with maple syrup. A touch of something medicinal like a cough syrup here too with also some more appealing aromas of spicebox and walnuts. After a while in the glass there was also a hint of toffee and some roasted aromas of freshly ground coffee. This was a very lovely to drink, very sweet but decent acidity kept it from being overly sweet. It had a nice woody undertone and finished with caramel and again the roast flavors. Very nice indeed.

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