1988 Château Talbot - St Julien 4 Ième Grand Cru Classé

| TALBOT | 1988 | Mc

1988 Château Talbot - the color is completely garnet, all browns and practically no red left. Unfortunately, neither is there any fruitiness to be found : it’s all secondary and tertiary aromas. Cigarbox, game and lots of leather here, some grilled peppers too. Also a lot of forest smells, perfectly in sync with the season : wet leaves, damp earth and mushrooms. Oddly enough, after a while in the glass I also noticed the smell of black olives. First taste was overpowering acidity, but that luckily balanced out after a while, becoming more integrated after having enough exposure to the air.

It’s a very mature wine, a bit dry on the finish but nothing disturbing nor exhilarating, a very decent more than ripe left banker.

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