2009 Ca di Pian - Barbera d'Asti

| Ca di Pian | 2009 | La Spinetta

2009 Ca di Pian - Barbera d'Asti - La Spinetta

This producer is perhaps more famous for his excellent Barbaresco, but at a fifth of the price you can have a more than decent Barbera. This bright cherry red wine opens up with a bouquet of red and dark fruits, some oriental spices (a hint of cinnamon) and even rose petals and a little bit of mint that gives it a nice freshness.Beautiful and accessible this is an easy going red wine, perhaps not very complex or full bodied, but still the overall impression is a great mouthfeel with lots of fresh fruitiness and soft tannins, each sip urging you on to have another, a really perfect passe-partout.

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