1978 Krohn Vintage Port

| Krohn Vintage Port | 1978 | Krohn

1978 Krohn Vintage Port -  this bottle hadn’t survived the 3-three and a half decades of cellaring and had started to leak somewhere along the line resulting in a fill level as topshoulder. Now if this were an oxidized fortified wine such as sherry, this probably wouldn’t be an issue, however with a port I had no previous experience with such low levels and was anxious to find out how it had effected the content. 1978 was quite a good vintage but mostly overlooked since following the infamous 1977 vintage so that at least worked in its favor. The wine had the color of dark tea with just a hint of cherry red in the rim. Being exposed to this much oxygen in the bottle clearly had accelerated it reaching the end of its lifespan : smells here were very limited and overpowered by alcohol. There was just a slight aroma of tea and tar detectable, accompanied by overripe fruit (banana oddly enough ) competing with a greenish vegetal note (geranium). Drinking this was no great pleasure either: the wine had become completely flat, it was very light with only some of the sweetness remaining and finishing faster than Usain Bolt on his best day. Since it was lacking in quality the short aftertaste perhaps wasn’t too bad a thing.

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