2012 L’If - St Emilion

| L’If | 2012 | Mc

2012 L’If

A stunning purple color, dark and brooding, with an intensely colored rim and viscous, dark legs oozing down the glass at the pace of a glacier promising a very concentrated wine. And expectations are definitely fulfilled : even without whirling the glass around the wine reveals a powerful array of aromatics. Tons of dark ripe fruit, lots of  cassis here as well with a hint of kirsch liqueur. It’s followed by a gentle floral note (lavender) and new oak, finishing with well infused black tea and a hint of freshly laid tarmac. It has the same explosive richness on the palate, fully delivering it’s promise. There’s lots of sweetness and alcoholic warmth but easily supported by a sturdy backbone of abundant but supple tannins. It’s actually surprisingly new wordly but luckily without being overly jammy. It’s sheer concentration, power and length make it an impressive glass of wine. It’s a bit too much full throttle to my taste but definitely the Bordeaux equivalent Jason Statham in Crank, a more than thrilling glass of wine.


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