1969 Nuits St Georges Les Damodes - Côte de Nuits - 1 er Cru

| Nuits St Georges Les Damodes | 1969 | Henri Remoriquet

1969 Nuits St Georges Les Damodes made by Henri Remoriquet, a premier cru from a good dependable producer and a top vintage as well. The level was sort of ok : 3 or 4 cm below the capsule.Not below the cork here because it too had descended most of the way down the neck and was only clinging on by half a cm or so. Surprisingly the wine was still very light pomegranate in color, nice clear transparency here too. The nose was a bit off though : very herbal with a touch of freshly cut grass, some light Virginia tobacco but also a whiff of that blue smoke coming up from your toaster when the bread’s been in there for too long. It had very present but not overpowering acidity which added freshness, a good alcohol level for the body and tannins that had almost completely melted away. Being a bit short in the finish this perhaps wasn’t really my favorite, but all in all more than a decent glass of classic older Burgundy.


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