1976 Meursault Santenots Domaine Arliguy

| Meursault Santenots | 1976 | Domaine Arliguy

A moderately vintage good for red wines but better for white wines. This vintage produced delicately wines, light and pleasant at best. Underestimated at the time and therefore less well-known. The whites are by far better than the reds and only the best terroirs still deserve attention. So we tasted a bottle of 1976 Meursault “Santenots” from Domaine Arliguy. Starting with a dark, orange color that gave us a sign that the wine could be undrinkable or had been the victim of premature oxidation, a common problem back then with white Burgundy wines. Nevertheless we gave it a shot and luckily we did. The wine still possessed stunning aromas! Exuberant Very ripe aromas of exotic apricot and smoke. There was also a seductive almost sweet raisin character to it. Rich in style but particularly nuanced, with just enough underlying minerality to keep it from coming off as heavy. This was a great showing for a Premier Cru bottle at this age. A remarkable good lesson why you should give an older wine time and a second chance before judging the bottle!

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