1950 Château Ausone

| Ausone | 1950 | Mc

A decade older than half a century, but this wine still looked lovely deep pomegranate red.
At first it reeked of oil or diesel, probably the influence of some old heating system that was next to the cellar where it had been stored, but luckily, this disappeared rather quickly. The aromas that revealed then were rich and profound, there was even still a dab of sweet fruit present (red and darkberries) followed by a lovely smokiness accompanied by tar and leather.
After a little more time to breathe in the glass a lot of cedar and cigar start to dominate and later on its all gamey and autumnal smells that come
to the center stage.
There is no holding back drinking this : it’s incredibly full but supple and lush without lacking a sturdy backbone. It’s definitely mature or even
way past that depending on how you like your wine, but it sure still has a lot to offer. It’s big and warm without being heavy, its velvety soft have
worn out completely but it still ends with a savory finish of over half a minute. It did go through all stages of drinkability in the glass rather
quickly, from being closed, opening up, peaking, declining to oxidizing at a speed a lot faster than I would have liked, but then again, there are
far worse things than hastily having to drink up your 1950 Ausone, cheers!

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