1970 Château D'Issan - Margaux 3 Ième Grand Cru Classé

| D'Issan | 1970 | Mc

1970 Chateau d’Issan, a 3rd growth Margaux . No first growth quality to be expected perhaps, but definitely no plonk either and coming from one of the few succeeded vintages in the 70ies it does have its pedigree and a good vintage in its favor. The color had turned a light auburn, a tell-tale that this was the eldest of the three. The Aroma’s coming up from the glass were even more proof of that : there was no fruit left here. Mostly secondary and tertiary scents had developed, which is nice if you’re into that “walk though a crowded bazaar on a hot day”- kind of wine : some sweet spices were intermingled with tea and tar, followed by
Moroccan leather and gamey odors. First taste was mostly acidity but this softened out rapidly given a bit of air and time in the glass. What was left then was a somewhat austere, dry but warm evolved wine. Although this was far from unpleasant it lacked a bit in complexity and length, so perhaps not my favorite but with 2 out of the 5 on our panel preferring this one, I was clearly in the minority, ah well, « les gouts et les couleurs…



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