1981 Château La Serre - St Emilion Grand Cru Classé

| La Serre | 1981 | Mc

1981 chateau La Serre, a St Emilion grand cru classé. Again perhaps not the greatest estate, but being run by the same d’Arfeuille family since the mid 50ies, big investments and renovations in the 70ies plus being a grand cru classé (even now, after the latest revision in 2012), this was no bag-in-box wine either. Here too the color clearly indicated we were drinking an evolved wine : garnet with just a little red left. First off not very vibrant or fruity, but luckily still some jammy red berries noticeable, adding to the soft sweetness. Also some spices (cloves) and becoming a little herbal and vegetal later on with autumn forest and underbrush after longer aeration. Not bad at all and drinking it also a pleasant surprise : this was a simple, straightforward and delicious wine. Very supple tannins and gentle acidity, very nice warmth and length as well. Ok, so maybe not a thrill-seeker Bugatti Veyron then but more the well cared for classic that will get you home safely every day, which my 2 other colleagues chose as their favorite.

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