1976 Richebourg - Côte de Nuits - Grand Cru

| RICHEBOURG | 1976 | Gros Frère et Sœur

1976 Richebourg, Gros Frère et Sœur


Quite translucent cherry red with an edge of sunworn terracotta rooftiles. It’s incredibly how much fruit there still is despite its age but it’s impossible to ignore the cherry extravaganza here : there’s ripe and sweet red cherries, cherry blossom, cherry candy and even cherry brandy clearly dominate. Underneath the sweet fruitiness there’s also a whiff of exotic spices (5 spices) and cigar box, some fores floor and underbrush.

From the very first sip this wine delivers the quality you would expect with this pedigree :great depth and an impeccable equilibrium, it’s balanced better than a juggler with a spinning lawnmower on the tip of his chin. There is mouthwatering freshness and delicate tannins giving it enough backbone and muscle but never being heavy or overpowering.

This is no American muscle car harboring a huge V8 but has the class of well calibrated Aston Martin DB5, sometimes 6 cylinders is more than adequate enough to turn heads.

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