1990 Mouton Rothschild


The color is a medium brick red, slowly fading towards more pomegranate or even light brownish towards the edge.
The nose is very funky at first, stable combined with almond liqueur, not really appealing but luckily drastically improving over time. After 15-30 minutes in the glass there is even still some fruit left, ripe red berries and cherry mostly and also an odd touch of green paprika (bell pepper). Unfortunately the aroma is also overshadowed by more evolved smells,it’s very earthy and leathery with a dab of sweet spices and licorice just staying on the right side of stale or just plain too old and worn out.
Drinking it sadly it doesn‘t live up to its status as a first growth nor does it do the excellent vintage that 1990 was any justice. The tannins luckily have mostly molten away and there is more than plenty acidity but overall lacking depth and body. It’s a bit of a lightweight,very soft and supple mid section and a too light and watery towards the end finishing rather shortly and quite tart. In all honesty, I would have been a lot more gentle in my description if I’d tasted it full blind, but knowingly it was a 1990 Mouton I could only conclude it was simply an underachieving over the top Pauillac.


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