1981 Chateau Du Tertre - Margaux 5 Ième Grand Cru Classé

| Du Terte | 1981 | Mc

1981 Du Tertre. This is a fifth growth and perhaps a bit underachieving in those days but more recently bought by a Dutchman and since undergone the necessary changes to return it to the status it deserves. The color here very similar to the La Serre, garnet with some ruby red still left at the edge. Nicely concentrated aroma’s of sweet spices and cedar followed by smokiness, tobacco, dry leaves and undergrowth very reminiscent of the smells coming from my neighbors’ garden when he’s burning fallen leaves and cut branches. The taste is completely in sync with these smells : here again the soft fruitiness intermingled with warmth and completely integrated tannins. This is an incredible suave and feminine wine,
a soft, gentle all-rounder that will please anyone looking for a classic Bordeaux with excellent PQR, and of course, my favorite pick of today’s tasty trio.


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