2000 Palmer

| Palmer | 2000 | Mc

Very dark concentrated cherry red, it seems to have just lost its last shade of violet,leaving intensely colored legs behind on the glass.
It has a stunning powerful nose, tons of plush ripe dark fruit (brambleberry jam, juicy ripe plums and currants). It’s joined by a complex layered smell of soft cedar wood, a touch of mocha, 5-spices, some lovely vanilla and blonde rolling tobacco. The aromas are full and abundant but remain fresh thanks to the touch of oak and hint of sweet menthol. If this alone doesn’t get you salivating maybe wine isn’t your thing and you should order a root beer instead because this is one of the most appealing aroma’s in a glass of wine I’ve encountered this year.
It performs with the same grandeur from the very first sip : it’s simple more generous than a lottery winner donating his winnings to charity. Full bodied but oh so supple it comes on full throttle with the vehemence of Norse berserker but wrapped in a duvet made of soft kittens. There’s the sweetness of abundant ripe fruit, it has great depth and weight and is lifted by a good deal of acidity and carried endlessly by the great woody structure and present but perfectly well behaving tannins.
I really love this wine, it’s a classic Bordeaux in a modern style best compared with an Olympic female beach volleyball team : it has allure and souplesse, is powerful but still elegant and has seemingly endless stamina.

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