1996 Chambolle Musigny Blanc 1 er cru

| Chambolle Musigny Blanc | 1996 | G Roblot-Marchand

1996 Chambolle Musigny Blanc 1 er cru - G Roblot-Marchand

None of us had ever heard of white Chambolle Musigny being produced, let alone having premier cru status. With exception of Comte de Vogüe’s plot of chardonnay I wasn’t aware of other parcels within the communes boundaries, so I have no idea whether this designation was even correct… the perfect excuse to find out what was in the bottle!

This was a nice golden colored wine and despite its age immediately opened with a fat buttery scent, wonderful aromas of hazelnuts and roasted pine nuts and toasted bread and gentle oaky finish. This promised to be better than any Vougeot Blanc I had ever tried and indeed, from the first sip this turned out to be a wonderfully balanced wine, great minerals, structured and here was a depth that could outshine a lot of white Burgundies out there. Whether this is an excellently made white cote de nuits or something completely else (if anybody knows, please feel free to share), congratulations to the Roblot family for making this.

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