1959 Moulin Touchais - Coteaux du Layon

| Moulin Touchais | 1959 | Mc

1959 Coteaux du Layon by Moulin Touchais

This producer too is legendary, known for producing excellent, mostly sweeter wines from late harvested chenin blanc that sometimes matures for decades before being released. In the glass the wine is opulent and viscous, shiny light caramel colored with an orange hue in its rim. Fist whiff is surprising to say the least, the slightly off putting aroma of curdled milk or rancid butter, luckily fading away to reveal more pleasing fruity aromas of ripe sweet apples, orange zest and Mandarine Napoleon. Also noticeable is a slight nutty touch of almond milk and marzipan in the finish. In the mouth it is very rich and sweet as expected, with just enough acidity as counter balance to keep enough lightness. In the medium long finish also a subtle bitterness of caramel and again that hint of almond peels. Perhaps not as good a some Sauternes I have had, but still a great dessert wine that seems to have an ageing potential that will outlive us all.

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