| LA FLEUR PETRUS | 1980 | Mc

The wine is lovely dark ruby in color, still not browning at all,despite is age.
An interesting mixture of fruit and garrigue slowly creeps out of the glass, there’s ripe plums and cherries intermingled with herbes de Provence and even some lavender. It has a nice woody touch too and a nuance of green peppers that was very present at first but quickly became nicely integrated in the complex aroma’s with some time to breathe.
It did great on the palate too, this wine is fresh and tasty, a tad too high on the level of acidity, but there is plenty of alcoholic warmth to tone that down. There is good length and still a bit of a tannic bite in the end but it’s more the bite of a toothless old bear then that of a ferociouslion. This is a very good glass of wine, it’s a more than decent Pomerol, and given the fact the vintage was very challenging at least (for right bank perhaps only 1984 was even worse), it meritspraise for its great performance, well done Fleur Petrus.


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