1985 Château Clinet - Pomerol

| Clinet | 1985 | Mc

This bottle of 1985 had a little lower level too - a very top shoulder, and to make it impossible to sell the label was completely missing, so on the other hand this was perfect material for a tasting. The color here a somewhat similar maroon though a tad more reddish and concentrated. The smells however, compared to the VCC were something of a different league : here a mixture of wonderful and complex aroma’s ranging from fruity (red berries, plums and crème de cassis) to autumnal (sweet spices, dry leaves, smokiness and leather) and with a hint of cedar, licorice and sweet menthol in the finish, this was a real pleasure.
On the palate more of that supple fruitiness and warmth, incredible velvety tannins and gentle acidity, this wine was perhaps over its peak, but far from gone. Still very structured and with good balance and a more than average length there was still more than enough left, maybe not the prima ballerina but still a comeback queen giving one last great performance, very enjoyable.


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