Yquem "a sweet immortal wine"

| YQUEM | 1925 | Mc

Chateau d’Yquem is not only the most famous chateau in Sauternes today, the estate has possessed an exalted reputation dating back to the middle ages when d’Yquem was owned by the King of England.When Chateau d’Yquem is first bottled, it shows a dark yellow or gold hue. With aging, the color changes and begins getting darker. 40 year old d’Yquem could resemble caramel, while bottles twice that age, could have the color of dark coffee.Something else to consider, when d’Yquem is young, not more than 25 years after the vintage, the flavors will better resemble honey, drenched tropical fruit. As the wine ages further, often those yellow tropical fruit flavors fade and tasters experience flavors of caramel, burnt toast, spice and creme brulee. Yquem is a true immortal wine, a must have for any wine lover and collector

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