1983 Baron de L

| Baron de L | 1983 | Chateau du Nozet

In the bottle the wine had a slightly lower level (4.50 cm below the cork)and the fully saturated cork crumbled apart upon touching turning the
normally easy task of opening a bottle of wine into a true challenge.
But this wine was a stunning reward in itself : a sparkling golden liquid shone from the glass, with the glint metallic straw.
An abundant combination of fruit-driven scents rushed forward,a basket full of ripe, sweet apples, fresh pineapple, lychee and white peaches were accompanied by vegetal tones of freshly cut grass and a crisp minerality of crushed rock.
Even while chilled this wine comes on full throttle and with the vigor of a full bred racing horse bursting out of the gates, I would challenge
anyone to try and guess its age in a blind tasting and not be off by at least a decade.
On the palate it offers that same vibrant intensity, this wine definitely has not reached the end of its lifespan, on the contrary. The mouthwatering
acidity dominates at first, but become nicely and fully integrated after just a couple of minutes of aeration. Then there is that same complex
well-balanced intensity as the aroma’s already predicted with a surprisingly lengthy and buttery finish as well. I really loved this, it simply has everything right and is a stunning example of how a well made white wine can still outshine
much younger siblings after over 3 decades.


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