1964 Chambolle Musigny Les Bonnes Mares - Côte de Nuits - Grand Cru

| Chambolle Musigny Les Bonnes Mares | 1964 | Bouillon et Roussin

The bottle of 1964 was Chambolle Musigny “les Bonnes Mares” from Bouillon et Roussin. Not sure what to make of this : quite an unknown producer and given a “lieu-dit” name of a grand cru which added to the confusion. Slightly better level here at about 6 or 7 cm’s below the cork. It had a dark brick red color turning slightly brown in the rim which is quite normal. Unfortunately the aroma’s coming from the glass were more reminiscent of a visit to the petting zoo than a winery : very animalistic, lots of game with a saltiness like the winter ocean. Drinking this sadly wasn’t a treat : it went from the first sip : “ok, this is still drinkable” to only minutes later becoming too tertiary to be enjoyable and could better be classified as the parrot in the famous Monty Python sketch : deceased.This was an ex-wine.

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