1989 Vieux Château Certan - Pomerol

| Vieux Château Certan | 1989 | Mc

The 1989 Vieux Chateau Certan had besides it slightly lower level also a somewhat damaged label and some corrosion at the bottom of the capsule, so was somewhat likely to be not up to standard. In this case it was better to not offer it for sale and try it ourselves. And unfortunately, not being up to standard was very much the case. Now I have read several reviews about this particular wine before, and not often are tasting notes they so very different or contradictive even.
This proves once again that not only are perfect storage conditions crucial for long term collecting but that buying cheaper bottles with lower levels are always a gamble, some you win and some you lose.
With the level being TS the color was more maroon than should have been. The aroma’s however where far from slightly different from what I expected : mostly harsh vegetal notes competing with animalistic odors, a bit like walking past the field where only days
before the circus had put up their tents and animal cages.
Tasting it luckily was somewhat better but still nothing much more was left then a worn and austere wine with still harsh tannins despite its age and too much acidity.

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