1966 Château Pavie - St Emilion 1er Grand Cru Classé

| PAVIE | 1966 | Mc

1966 Château Pavie - a quite decent vintage but probable will always be eclipsed by the magnificent 1961 and excellent 1964.

The bottle we tried had a depressed cork and a slightly lower level : Ts/Upper so risk of it being not up to standard was high. Nonetheless, forest floor and spices jumped from the glass during pouring. The color as expected for old claret very tuil but still dark, profound and very clear. Smelling it after giving it a good whirl I noticed the fruit had completely gone unfortunately (not unexpected given its age and level) but the herbaceousness and wonderful scent of autumn forest, tobacco and a hint of green pepper (paprika) to give it its freshness was more than enough to replace it.Very pleasant mouthfeel to it as well, velvety soft tannins and good acidity but also surprisingly alcoholic which gave it more body, just maybe a bit short in aftertaste.I really liked this old classic and hope I will live long enough to find out if Pavie

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