1945 Chateau de la Tour Clos Vougeot

| CLOS VOUGEOT | 1945 | Chateau de la Tour

Clos Vougeot, the largest single Grand Cru vineyard in the Côte de Nuits designation. It is one of Burgundy's most historic walled vineyards. Did you know that between 1819 to 1869 Romanee-Conti was produced at Chateau Clos de Vougeot! We had the opportunity to taste the 1945 Clos Vougeot from 2 bottles.
The first Bottle had a very low filling level of minus 10 and turned out to be a death bottle. This was also confirmed by the condition of the cork. A completely dried out ashy cork which lost tension in de neck of the bottle. A very cloudy liquid danced lifeless in our glasses. Showing all the signs of bad storage. Dusty tannins hand in hand flirting with a high amount of disturbing acidity. On the nose a Madeira like character stopped our further analyze of the wine. 
Second Bottle was a whole different fairy tale. Instead of a cloudy liquid the wine came out transparent with a fully matured color. The typical embracing aromas of smoke and French pain grille bread reminds me of having a quick lunch in an old fashioned French Bistro.  But what a wine! After a couple minutes the wine started to show some development in the glass. The definition of a great wine. A pungent breeze of fudge and caramel sweets made the tasting table smile. All captivated by this stunningly classy glass of wine.


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