Full original wooden cases creates a higher market price

| LATOUR | 2012 | Mc

Wine connoisseurs around the globe have been cellaring rare and collectable wines for as long as we can remember. But some of these highly-sought-after wines are worth more than others. Why, you ask? It all depends on the history of those bottles; perhaps they came from a world-renowned châteaux or of a specific vintage that is now nearly impossible to find. However, each collector has their own set of standards and fascinations when it comes to searching and obtaining their wines.OWC is a term that stands for "Original Wooden Case" and is often used during wine sales and auctions. Many wines that are of high quality and designated for bottle aging are sent out from the winery in wooden case boxes, which are usually nailed shut. These cases, depending on the château or estate, will come in 6 or 12 bottle cases. 

When these wines are put up for sale, many collectors consider an unopened wooden case to be more valuable, since it is evident that the wine has not been tampered with or manipulated since it left the winery. and also because the cases are suitable for and future display and storage of the bottles. Belgium Wine Watchers has a massive stock full of original case waiting for you!! Find our listing below.

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