1945 Musigny Vieilles Vignes Domaine Comte Georges de Vogue

| MUSIGNY VIEILLES VIGNES | 1945 | Comte de Vogue

What a pleasure it was to taste a wine this old from an outstanding Burgundy vintage 1945!!!! Very popular, excellent vintage where the legendary wines have become very rare.Starting from a bottle with a less attractive filling level of minus 7 cm and damaged label.
In our minds we were already aware that there was a major chance of an undrinkable or damaged wine.Nevertheless when uncorking the bottle the cork came out surprisingly in good condition.It was still solid and infused with just enough moisture and tension to make sure the cork was on the perfect spot in the neck of the bottle. When this first class juice was poured out in our glasses it still possessed a dazzling crystal clear color and clarity like one of the finest Belgium cut diamonds.
Nuanced aromas of sensual perfumed wild raspberry popped out of my glass, still remarkable for a wine at this age.Smokey, cigar box undertones, coffee, spicy oak and game flavors made the package complete. Result was a sexy,pure and polished mouth coating wine that took you on a journey back in time.
In the end this is what Pinot Noir is all about, greatness.Needless to say it was a profound wine and a privilege to drink this legend of a bottle with such a great historical background.
Readers who read this review should keep in mind that there are still great wines on the planet to discover even when the bottles shows signs of bad storage.

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