1989 Pommery Cuvee Louise

| POMMERY CUVEE LOUISE | 1989 | Pommery

1989 Pommery Cuvee Louise Magnum

There is no better way to start the new year than with a big bottle of bubbles so for the first tasting of the new year we popped a Magnum of 1989 Pommery Cuvée Louise.Nice deep golden in color and very viscous for a sparkling wine, nice depth and clarity as well.

Even cold the first whiff of the glass is already very intense : concentrated aroma’s  of ripe apple, apricots and honey are followed by odors reminiscent of a bakery : intensely nutty and buttery with a yeasty smell and bread fresh from the oven.  In the finish a slight dash of alcohol (dark rhum?). It’s hard to find details on the exact assemblage of this particular vintage, but my nose tells me it’s mostly chardonnay with perhaps very little pinot noir.

This is confirmed by the taste : this is just like a great white Burgundy only sparkling. It’s fresh and vibrant, impeccably balanced between woody, fat buttery and still a nice acidic freshness. Despite its age, definitely not over the top this champagne. Combine all of this with an excellent depth and the stamina that will give a Kenyan long distance runner a run for his money this definitely is a fizzy beverage that will put a long lasting smile an anyone’s face. Cheers!

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