1992 CHâteau Lynch Bages - Pauilac 5 Ième Grand Cru Classé

| LYNCH BAGES | 1992 | Mc

Today’s taster was a bottle of 1992 Lynch Bages – Pauillac 5 Ieme Grand Cru Classé.

This bottle as you can see on the picture has a poor label – but the fill was still perfect – and we don’t care about the label but about the quality of the wine.

When pouring the wine our first impression was that the color was similar to a wine from the 80 ties.

Into the glass the edges of the wine where already going into ‘tuilé colour’ – so clearly 1992 was not the best vintage overall.

Nevertheless – there was still a good density with nice aromas of stewed prunes and somewhere in a far corner I noticed some fragrances’ of cherries.

So it was a little mixture of young and old aromas.

While tasting the wine – we noticed a lack of sourness with at the end the presence of soft tannins.

So clearly this wine had to be drunk already about 5 years ago.


Still an acceptable wine to drink now – but definitely not a keeper.

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