1960 Sera's Vintage Port

| Sera's Vintage Port | 1960 | Sera

1960 Sera’s vintage port: This was the stranger in our midst : 1960 was a vintage that was also widely declared but lots of producers struggled with bad conditions that year and had either low yields or compromised quality. The estate itself is somewhat of a mystery: hardly any information about it is to be found and if I’m not mistaking they sold their best plots to the Real Companhia Velha somewhere in the 60ies who then later on decided to sell them in 1970. Here the color was a light maroon or pomegranate.Not very complex at first whiff, but after a while some fruitiness was still detectable : plums, dates and dried figs accompanied with fragrances of tar and black tea and even a mineral quality to it with the odor of crushed rock. This was all very promising, but drinking it sadly didn’t quite reflect that. This port just wasn’t balanced out at all : overly sweet and the harsh burn of way too much alcohol made it very heavy. This is ok if you’re applying to be a fire breather but just a bit too much for enjoyment at high tea.

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